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Responsibilities and Expectations of a Setter

By Unknown, 12/06/22, 10:00AM PST


Responsibilities and Expectations of a Setter

A setter has many responsibilities and expectations are very high for this position. She is the player that runs the court and is ultimately in charge of the offense. Let’s take a look at the various responsibilities and expectations of a setter in hopes that during this season coaches can help their setters take on these responsibilities, and players can set goals to meet these expectations.

  • Know who to set in various situations. This knowledge comes from meetings with the coach, a game plan, and experience.
  • Determine what will be the most efficient set, combination, or offensive strategy in various rotations and situations.
  • Setters must be a good psychologist knowing:
    • The most efficient way to motivate teammates
    • How to show confidence in players
    • How to radiate confidence * How to handle hitters
    • How to keep all players involved in the game
    • How to keep all players involved in the offense
  • To eliminate confusion in the offense. The setter must communicate the plays before serve reception and free-ball situations.
  • A setter must know all overlaps, where you are supposed to be and where hitters and passers are supposed to be.
  • A setter must be able to visually and verbally communicate with the coach during the match.

  • A setter should be an extension of the coach’s attitude.
  • A setter must be in control of her emotions at all times.
  • A setter should seek feedback from hitters.
  • A setter should have the attitude that “I can take any 5 players and we will find a way to win”
  • A setter must be prepared to take every second ball. If other players get in your way, it is the setter’s responsibility to make it clear that you will set unless you call for help.
  • A setter should yell for help on every ball she cannot get to or have made the first contact on.
  • There is no such thing as a bad pass. If a pass is not perfect, it is the setter’s responsibility to improve the team’s chances of scoring by making the best possible set.
  • The setter should give the hitter a set which gives her the best opportunity for a kill.
  • No one player can lose a match, but a setter having a poor day can have the most impact on a game.